Middle Class Documentary (working title)  will be made available FREE-of-charge to schools, colleges and community organizations. Our goal is for viewers to learn the importance of restoring the Middle Class, how it affects our economy overall and what all Americans can do to ensure a strong future for all. Our next step is to travel to the Western States to continue documenting how the decline of the Middle Class is affecting their communities. If you are interested in supporting this very timely project by contributing funds, hotel/food discounts & coupons, time, talent and/or your expertise, please contact us at deb@mcdoc.org
For an overview of the current overview of the status of opportunity and poverty in each state, visit:

"State of the States Report 2015" 



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We recently completed traveling the Eastern Half of the U.S. (over 6,000 miles!) to find out what people have to say about how the decline of America’s Middle Class affects EVERYONE. We hope to finish off our interviews by traveling to the West Coast in August, 2016.

The following article gives some background to our project : Ames Families sought for Documentary on Restoring the Middle Class

Stay tuned for postings of testimonials and project updates.