Below are "rough" video/sound clips of some of the many people we met along the road...

Suzanne Zilber, Ph.D. speaks on how philanthropy affects a community and why it's not always the best solution.

Serpil & Cemal Sarikaya from Tampa, FL put it simply:

Hope = Middle Class = America

people Speaking Out

Former Engineer, Ford Company talks about how the well known Founder supported the Middle Class.

Our family is traveling the country interviewing people about why it's important for America to restore the Middle Class.

Stephanie from Chocowinity, NC shares her views about the rich getting richer off of dedicated and hard working Americans.

Anthony has been a street performer in New Orleans for over 30 years but his income has decreased due to numerous city regulations.

Tampa, FL: Cengiz talks about restoring wages is what will make America great again.

Emel is trying out her new GoPro on our first day on the road!
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Vic Moss, Director of the Emergency Shelter Project in Ames, Iowa says the decline of the middle class is causing a rapid increase in the number of homeless families.

Naples, FL: Heather shares why it's almost hopeless to save anything to get ahead.

Washington, NC: Gayle gives a personal example of why shortage of cash in the economy affects everyone.

Jenny from Elkhart, IN thinks the term "Middle Class" is funny because it no longer exists where she's from.

It's a matter of life and death that Carolyn from Wichita, KS receives adequate health care.